This story starts with Dredd on routine patrol on his lawmaster in Mega city One, when he starts to enter an unusually thick smog and he calls it in, reporting that visibility is getting very bad here, but at the other end his transmission is cracking up and they can only make out odd words. He has to slow down and stop the bike and tries in vain to get through on the radio. Then it gradually starts to clear and he is about to get back on his bike, when he stops dead and says, “Drokk!” at what he sees!

This is not any part of Mega City One that he has ever seen before and the tower blocks go up as far as the eye can see. In fact they are so high that you cannot see the tops of them! ( In fact, they reach right up to the edge of earth’s atmosphere!)

He is dumfounded and tries to radio in, but gets nothing.

Then he hears a sound he recognises, that of lawmasters and a couple of judges are coming towards him, BUT the blues and the reds of their uniforms are reversed! They slow down and stop and one of them says to him, “What have we got here, cit? Impersonating a judge, you know that’s a crime!” And Dredd says, “I ain’t impersonatin’ anyone! I AM a judge and who the heck are you guys and where is this place?”

One of them says, “Lie detectors check out, [built-in on their bikes’ dashboards] Dobie. He ain’t lyin’!”

So Dredd tells the two judges what happened, (constantly being lie-detected as he does) and Dobie says,” Well you ain’t in no Mega City One now! You’re in Metro City and there’s no crime allowed here!”

Dredd remarks about the tower blocks and the fact that you can’t see the sky and they explain that over population meant that they had to keep building up and up, they couldn’t build out, because of the radiation from the great war.

The other judge radios in to his sector house chief, “Chief, we’ve got a wierd one here, the cit ain”t exactly breakin’ any law, we better bring him in and see how we can sort this out!”

“Well, Dredd, better follow us and see what we can do about this mess!”

So he follows them in to the very centre of the teeming metropolis, where he meets Sector Chief Judge Gold and a striking brunette beauty, Psi-Judge Henderson, who is silent throughout the interview, as she is scanning Dredd’s mind and reading his entire life history.

Privately, in another room afterwards, she tells the chief that he was one of the best judges from where he comes from and that they could really do with a man like that on their team, because, “Think of our quotas!”

So Gold tells Dredd that it looks like there had been some kind of temporal disturbance in the space- time continueum,  causing him to hop dimensions from his into theirs. And who knows how long he might be stuck there for, so he might as well join their team, as they could always use a good judge.

Dredd says that he is sworn to uphold the law and he guesses that that applies no matter where he is, so, not being able to think of any alternative, he agrees. Gold says that if they can ever figure out a way to return him to his own dimension, that they would do so, but in the meantime,

“Welcome to the sector, you’ve already met a couple of our judges, I’ll get them to show you the ropes tomorrow.”

“Are they any good?”, Dredd asks.

“Dobie and Boyle?”, Gold replies,

“They’re professionals!”