Dredd bunked down on a make-shift cot in the Sector House that night. The following day he would be awarded his own sleeping quarters in the Grand Halls.

So what follows next day is the grand tour of Metro City, starting off with a nursery, where toddlers and tots are taught to recite lines such as ” I must not lie;

I must not spit;

I must not break the law; etc., etc.” over and over again.

“It’s never too early to start learning the law!”, says Boyle.

They then move on to an infants’ school where impeccably – behaved infants are paying attention as complicated laws are being chalked on the blackboard.

“We try and teach every child to be a law-abiding cit from the very start!”, says Dobie, but still some of them turn “crim”!”

“What are the main crimes you have to deal with?”, asks Dredd, ” Murder? Theft?”

” There’s only one crime here,” Dobie says, ” and that’s ‘ to break the law’!!”

“And that’s what separates the law-abidin’ cits from the crims!”, says Boyle.

Next comes the synthi-food plant, where Dredd is told that because of the huge population in Metro City that there simply isn’t enough natural food to feed the cits, so to avoid anyone going hungry, four square meals a day are manufactured here and distributed to everyone. Dredd sees a never ending stream of dark green cubes [ approx 3cm cubed] rolling along the conveyor belts. “Tastes like crud, but contains all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy, balanced diet”, adds Boyle. Dredd picks one up and is about to take a bite, when Dobie halts him and says,”We get to eat later, in the grand halls of justice.”