The next morning, as all the judges made their ways to their various sector houses Dredd was still thinking that “It ain’t right that the judges should get to eat like kings when millions of law-abiding citizens have to eat crud”. But when he got there he found he would have new things on his mind. Sector Chief Gold called him in and explained that the judges mainly worked in pairs and that he’d been assigned a partner. “Congratulations”, said Gold, “Judge Grimm himself has agreed to take you under his wing! Grimm is something of a legend here in Metro City. Nobody has caught more crims than him. We’re hoping that you can measure up to the challenge? After all, we have got quotas to meet!”

Stood next to Gold was a surly looking judge with the same kind of downwards mouth as dredd, but with the big,  stubbly chin of Desparate Dan,  but without the moustache.

Both judges grunted at each other.

As they left the room together, Grimm said, “Come on, Dredd, let’s make ’em proud!”

The morning was much the same as the previous afternoon, with the unlikeliest of people being arrested, including a vicar, a little old lady, a nun and even a little girl!!

When the time was getting near to 11 a.m.,  Grimm said,

“Come on, Dredd, I want to see all those crims I got yesterday get justice!”

And they headed back towards the Grand Halls of Justice. The building itself was built like a huge square, with a giant courtyard on the inside of the four walls and, as they made their way into a room with a balcony overlooking the courtyard, Dredd could not believe his eyes at what he saw in the yard. It was FULL of rows and rows of gallows, hundreds of them! And each one of them had a noose hanging from it around someone’s neck, waiting to be hanged!

A bell chimed 11 and Chief Judge Bean appeared on the back grand balcony, clutching his book of the law.




And judges everywhere echoed “AMEN”, as Bean pulled a large lever towards him on his  balcony and all the prisoners were left dangling simultaneously. Then Bean silently turned around and went back inside.

“Bit harsh, isn’t it?,” commented Dredd.

“But necessary,” responded Grimm, ” new citizens are being born every second in Metro City. We have to execute the crims to make room for the new arrivals.”

“What happens to all the stiffs?”, asked Dredd.

“They get sent to ReSyk”, answered Grimm.

“And then what?”, asked Dredd.

“Get broken down to key elements, –  carbon mainly, for fuel. We  can”t afford to waste valuable ommodities in Metro City”, he replied.

Needless to say, all of this played on Dredd”s mind throughout the afternoon and he spent the rest of the day in silence, just going through the motions and thinking to himself,

“This ain’t right, I don’t want to do this. I think I’ll take my chance in the Rad Lands.”