That evening, Dredd didn’t have much of an appetite at chow time and couldn’t sleep at all during the night and he decided to go for a walk in the night to try and clear his head and work out what to do. At one point he found himself near to the Synthi-Food plant and some shuffling noises seemed to be coming from round the back of the building, so he thought he  had better investigate, in case there was a crime in process. He WAS a judge, after all! What he saw saw when he peered around the corner made his jaw drop and he said, “HOLY DROKK!!” to himself!

There were parked a fleet of black trucks and judges dressed in black with black helmets on were unloading body bags out of the trucks and carrying them into the back of the plant!!

“So THIS is the fuel that Grimm was on about!” Dredd thought,

“They”re actually killing the citizens to make food to feed back to the citizens again!”

Dredd had now had enough. He had sworn to uphold the law, but not THAT law. That law is wrong and it was up to him and his law to try and do something about it!

“It’s a about time I gave these creeps a little taste of MY law, before I leave this Hell-hole”, he thought, and started to formulate some sort of plan……