Dredd was up well before 6 a.m. and had managed to sneak into the larders and steal some sacks of food and as the cits started appearing on the streets after the curfew, he emptied them out of the window of his room on to the streets below. Needless to say, this resulted in an absolute riot with the cits below.

Alarm bells went off in the halls as judges tried to quell the riots.

Grimm burst in to dredd’s room, shouting,


But Dredd wasn’t in there.

But then Grimm spotted a chicken leg on the floor and realised what had happened!

“So, Dredd’s turned crim, has he? I’ll track him down and  bring him in myself!”, he said to himself!

Meanwhile, Dredd had made his way back to the courtyard. He still had two high-incendiary charges left in his lawgiver and he had a use for both of them. Aiming carefully, he  let one fly right into the heart of the wooden gallows and it wasn’t long before they were all ablaze.

He then made his way to where he had concealed his lawmaster and headed off towards the ReSyk/food plant, where he dispatched the other high-incendiary into the belly of the plant which resulted in a huge explosion.

“Now that’s thrown a spanner into the works for the sickos! I guess it’s the Rad Lands for me, now!”

And he is about to jump on his bike, when from out of the shadows jumped Grimm who had second-guessed him. Dredd went for his gun but Grimm knocked it out of his hands. Grimm went for his, but Dredd kicked it out of his. There then ensued a truly vicious fist fight, both men literally fighting for the lives, neither was going to give in, coughing and wheezing as the foul smoke from the burning plant got thicker and thicker, burning their lungs. It got so thick that the two of them couldn’t even see each other as they slugged it out in the blackness. Then a gentle breeze started to clear the air a bit and when they could see again, they were both on the floor rolling around, but on hearing a couple of clicks, looked up to see two lawgivers pointed down at them and when a voice said,

“Right, you two, break the party up!”

Dredd recognised it instantly as Hershey, there with her rookie, Danno.

“Dredd”, she said, when she saw him,

“WHERE have you been?”

“To Hell and back”  he replied,

“Who’s your friend?”, she asked.

“Sick creep ain’t no friend of mine!” he said,

“Book him, Danno! – Life on Titan!”

“You can’t do this to me”, protested Grimm,

“I'”m a judge. I have never broken any law!”

“IIIIIIII am the Law here!” Dredd said ,

“And I say you’ve  broken it!

Let Justice be served!