“GET THOSE ELECTRO-MAGNETS SET UP BETWEEN GIL FAVOR AND HARRY CALLAHAN BLOCKS! I’M LURING HIM IN!”, yelled Dredd into his radio, whilst tearing down the highways of Mega City One on his Lawmaster at breakneck speed, dragging behind him a huge metal ball on a chain, sparks flying everywhere!

But Dredd wasn’t in pursuit of anyone, he was actually being pursued! What had happened earlier that day was that a huge mobile weld-bot working on one of the construction sites had started to malfunction and ended up going haywire, melting everything metal in its path with two bright blue bolts from his eyes, usually used for welding. They had tried to take it down with fire power, but these ‘bots are tough, designed to work in the harshest of conditions. And being programmed to weld, this malfunctioning piece of machinery could do some serious damage! It seemed attracted to anything metal, the bigger and heavier – the stronger the attraction to it and the stronger the urge to weld, weld, weld, resulting in one vehicle after another being either melted or blown up.

“The crazy ‘bot must have some kind of an inbuilt electromagnet”, said Dredd, when the Judges were called in, “Get me the largest wrecking ball you can find, I’m going to stop that crazy lump of tin and take it apart myself, nut by nut!”

So he radioed in to have two giant electromagnets set up, either side of the road and he was going to lure it in between them, trapping the ‘bot in a powerful electromagnetic field, immobilising it and he was going to destroy it once and for all! That was the plan and when Dredd rode in the berserk machine’s path, dragging a wrecking ball, the magnetic pull towards this heavy ball of metal immediately attracted the weld-bot’s eye-beams. The trouble was, these robots were wheeled mobiles, designed for travelling all over the Mega City from one site to another and could move pretty fast and Dredd was dragging a wrecking ball, so he really had to go some!

“They’re both set up now, Dredd!”, Control radioed to Dredd.

“About time!”, yelled Dredd, “I’ll be passing through them in about five minutes, await my command and then hit those buttons, both electromagnets full power! Don’t screw up!”

“Roger that!”, came the reply.

By the time Dredd came to the trap, “berserker-bot” was hot on his tail, firing blue beams at the wrecking ball, molten globs of metal flying everywhere,

“HIT THOSE BUTTONS!”, yelled Dredd and a loud humming sound emmitted from the electromagnets and the mighty robot went silent and halted immediately trapped inside the powerful electromagnetic field! Dredd looked back over his shoulder and when he saw his plan had worked, came to a halt, unhooked the chain with what was left of the wrecking ball, then got back on his bike and slowly rode back to the robot, radioing in to Control, that he was “Going to take that heap of scrap to bits”, as he got closer. Inside the electromagnetic field, Dredd found it very difficult to move, as he dismounted his bike and went towards the machine, carrying his Lawgiver and a zontonium wrench, the only alloy strong enough to dismantle this ‘bot! It was like trying to walk through invisible water, but as he struggled  closer, the robot started to fizzle out, sparks flying everywhere, crackles of electricity, then the lights of its eyes went dimmer, then out and the machine died. But Dredd wasn’t going to take any chances, he was still going to dismantle it, piece by piece.

Except the robot itself now seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer, like it was fading away from sight, becoming invisible and it was getting harder and harder to walk and that humming, he could feel it vibrating through every cell in his body.

Then, there was a blinding blue/white flash. Then complete silence, as Dredd passed out….