thumbing towards the lanky one, ” the rough-looking one is Flash, our warlord and the one wearing glasses is Ben!”

“Peace, man!”, Ben said to Dredd.

“There ain’t no such thing!”, replied Dredd,

“Well, I ain’t plannin’ on stickin’ around!”, Dredd said to Smithy, “but if you kids help me out, I’ll bring about some changes all right! I’ve got the means here to throw a spanner in the sickos’ works!”, he promised, tapping his Lawgiver. You get me what I want and I’ll take out Gallows’ End and Hell’s Kitchen, as well! Then, it’ll be up to you guys to start your revolution!”

“What do you need?”, asked Smithy.

“Well, first I need a truck, with you four in it tomorrow morning parked outside Sector House 39’s cargo bay, and I’ll need you four to help send me on my way!”

“We can get that!”, said Smithy, “Tex’s dad is in the removals business. We can borrow his removals van!”

“The only other thing I need is a piece of zontonium!”, Dredd continued,

“I’ve got a zontonium drill-bit”, said Flash, “amateur robotics is a hobby of mine!”

“Bring that along with you tomorrow and you got yourselves your glorious day!”,  said Dredd.

As they started to go their separate ways, Smithy stopped, turned around and said, “Dredd?….”

“What?”, asked Dredd, stopping and turning round himself.

“Power To The People!”, said Smithy, whilst raising a clenched, black gloved fist.

“I preferred ‘Instant Karma!’ “, replied Dredd, whilst turning front again and carrying on walking!

[N.B. The final panel on this page would show Smithy, looking puzzled, with a ? above his head!]

Dredd was out and about well before 6 a.m. and had ridden down to the ReSyk / Synthi-Food Plant and let loose a high-incendiary charge right into the centre of the building, paused to make sure that it did catch fire, and, once it was ablaze, hopped back on his bike again and headed back for the Grand Halls. It wasn’t long before the building had turned into an inferno, – a foul-smelling crematorium!

Dredd parked his bike on the right-hand side of the Halls and quietly went inside again, whilst all the Judges were deep in a food-filled slumber, and made his way to his quarters. It wasn’t long before pandemonium broke loose and Dobie poked his head around the door and shouted, “Come on, Dredd! We’re needed! Synthi-Food’s on fire!”

“You go on ahead, I’ll follow you down!”, said Dredd, convincingly.

As all the Judges were rushing out of the building, Dredd rushed out with them, but, in all the chaos, went down the right-hand side of the Halls, where his bike was parked and waited for all the Judges to tear off towards the fire. After a few minutes, the exterior of the Halls were Judge-free, but quite a crowd of passer-bys had gathered, curious what all the commotion was about, as it was about 6-30 by then. He strode down to the outside of the giant larders and let a high-ex. charge fly at the wall. There was a huge explosion and there was food EVERYWHERE! Dredd picked up a whole, cooked chicken and tossed it into the middle of the crowd, saying, “Grub’s up!”, before jumping back on his bike and speeding down towards the back of the building and up around the left-hand side, towards the entrance again. Meanwhile, inside the Halls, the remainder of the Judges had made their way to the other side to see what the explosion was, only to find a full-scale riot in progress!

The very smells of real food had driven the citizens berserk! It had whipped them all into a feeding frenzy! They had reverted back to savages! All memories of law-abiding had been completely wiped from their minds. The Judges tried their best to quell the riots, but failed miserably. They were overcome by the sheer weight of numbers.

Whilst all this was going on, Dredd had no trouble nipping back inside again and he swiftly made his way right through the centre of the Halls and out into the courtyard, where he despatched another high-incendiary right into the heart of the gallows and it wasn’t long before all the