wooden structures went up, like a giant bonfire night! This only added to all the chaos in the Halls, alarm bells were going off everywhere and amongst all this, Dredd was easily able to slip out again unnoticed, and he hopped back on his bike again and headed off towards Sector House 39, where he had a secret assignation.

As he was making his way there, the riots were getting so out of control that reinforcements were sent for from all the sector houses as back-up, so that by the time he arrived at 39, it was practically deserted. There parked near to the cargo bay was a removals van, with “ACME REMOVALS” printed on the left side.

[N.B. On the right side of the van, part of the first ‘M” had peeled off and it now looked like “ACNE REMOVALS”!]

Dredd parked next to the van and went over to the van, where he saw Tex, Ben and Flash sitting in the front.

“Where’s Frank Spencer?”, Dredd asked.

“If you mean Smithy, he’s in the back of the van!”, said Tex.

“Have you got the drill bit?”, Dredd asked the trio.

“Got it here, man!”, answered Flash.

“What’s going on in the city?”, blurted Ben, “All the Judges took off, like it was an emergency!”

“The people are revolting!”, said Dredd,

“Now, I’m going in to open the cargo bay doors, when I give you the signal, back the truck up to the dock!”

Bold as brass, Dredd marched into the sector house, made his way to the cargo bay, where the transporter equipment was still standing from the previous day, and opened the metal door and beckoned the van over. The three guys got out the van, tapped on the side, and the van doors slid up and Smithy sprung out onto the dock, ready for action!

“Climb up here,” Dredd said to the other three and help us load this stuff onto the truck, but first let’s move this heavy workbench behind the inner doors. We don’t want any nosey parkers coming in!”

Between the five of them, they then loaded the three items into the van, Smithy got in in too and pulled down the door.

“Right get in and follow me!”, ordered Dredd, who jumped on his bike and set off for the spot where he had crossed over.

When they were about half-way there, Dredd temporarily halted the truck, stopped his bike, dismounted and fired a high-ex. charge at the road itself, completely blowing it up.

“Try riding through that, creeps!”, Dredd thought to himself.

They then continued the journey and when they got there, the five of them positioned the equipment as per Dredd’s instructions, he was filling them all in what each person had to do, as they did so. He told Tex to park the truck right across the road to prevent any traffic that was trying to get into town from getting through. Before he went into position, he stopped dead and addressed the quartet.

“Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once….”

“Pardon?”, nervously joked Smithy!

Dredd scowled at him and continued, “The Judges must not get their hands on this drill bit! THAT’S how important it is! One of you needs to stay with the equipment until I’ve passed through and retrieve the bit! Or if I just pass out and DON’T go through, still go in and retrieve the bit! It must not fall into their hands! Then get out of here! Don’t get caught!”

“I’ll do it!”, said the fearless Flash, “Don’t worry, man, I won’t let you down!”

“If I don’t go through, I’ll take my chances in the Rad-Lands!”, said Dredd.