“But if the Judges do get that drill bit, I WILL return!”, promised Dredd,

“And I will track you all down!

And I will find you!

And then I will hunt all your families down!

Believe me, Grimm and Bean are Drokking CHOIRBOYS, compared to me when I”m crossed!”

Smithy gulped.

Then Dredd wheeled his bike into position, Smithy and Ben hit the big red buttons and made their way back to the van with Tex, leaving the back door of the van slightly open for Flash, who was remaining behind to retrieve his bit, so that they could make a quick getaway!

Dredd had placed the bit on the ground and braced himself for the experience!

Flash couldn’t really see what was going on from his side of the road, as the distortion caused by the electromagnetic field made visibility between the two electromagnets too distorted. Neither could he hear much through the loud humming it generated.

Which was fortunate.

Because, unbeknown to him, Grimm had come surfing in from the other side on a confiscated skyboard and had dived off it onto Dredd, yelling, “DREDD!! – I’LL HANG YA MESELF!”

“Flippin’ ‘eck! – It’s looks like Dredd is in two places at the same time, now, in there!”, thought Flash.

Then, there was a blinding blue/white flash and everything in the field was effortlessly sucked through to the other side. Flash hit the black buttons and could see his drill bit on the ground, he dashed in and picked it up, ran to the van, dived in the back, banged on the side and yelled, “Right go! – Let’s get out of here!”

And the van manouvered into position and got the Hell out of there, to find a different way into the city centre, to join their revolution!….

Meanwhile, Dredd had barely noticed the crossover, so smooth was the transition. Neither Judges had passed out, and both were now struggling with each other. Dredd went for his Lawgiver, but Grimm knocked it out of his hands and then went for his, but Dredd kicked it out of his! There then ensued a truly vicious fist fight, both men literally fighting for their lives, neither would back down, and they rolled about, kicking and a-gauging in the mud and the blood!

“I really can’t remember when I’ve fought tougher men”, thought Dredd, “he kicks like a mule and he bites like a crocodile!”

Suddenly the fight was halted by a couple of clicks and a voice, saying, “All right, boys, break the party up!” And they looked up to see a couple of Lawgivers pointing down at them! But, Dredd recognised that voice, – it was Hershey, there with her latest rookie, Danno. When she recognised Dredd’s bloody face, she said, “Dredd, WHERE have you been?”

“To Hell and back”, replied Dredd, “What happened to Metal Mickey?”

“Burnt out!”, she answered, “left stood there, next to your wrench!”

“Who’s your friend?”, asked the rookie.

“Sick creep ain’t no friend of mine,” said Dredd, “Book him, Danno! – Life on Titan!”

“You can’t do this to me!”, protested Grimm, “I am a Judge! I have never broken any law in my life!”

“IIIIIIIIII AM THE LAW, HERE!”, bellowed Dredd into Grimm’s face!

“And I say you’ve broken it!

Let Justice Be Served.