He didn’t know how long he was out for, but when he came to he sat up, feeling groggy and rubbed his eyes, but when he could focus, he couldn’t see the weld- bot, but he couldn’t see Gil Favor and Harry Callahan tower blocks either! He didn’t recognise these blocks. He looked up and said, “Drokk!”

This was not any part of Mega City One that he had ever seen before and the tower blocks stretched up as far as the eye could see. In fact they were so high that he couldn’t see the tops of them!

[ N.B. I visualise this with Dredd saying, “Drokk!” on the last panel of a right-hand page and you turn over and see a full-page picture of Dredd staring up at the huge tower blocks. ]

He was dumfounded and tried to radio in, but got nothing.

Then he heard a sound he recognised, that of lawmasters and a couple of judges were coming towards him, BUT the blues and the reds of their uniforms were reversed! They slowed down and stopped and one of them said to him, “What have we got here, cit? Impersonating a judge, you know that’s a crime!” And Dredd said, “I ain’t impersonatin’ anyone! I AM a judge and who the heck are you guys and where is this place?”

One of them said, “Psi-detectors check out, Dobie. He ain’t lyin’!”, whilst he looked at the back of his wrist.

( These Judges came equipped with psychic lie-detectors, as standard! )

So Dredd told the two Judges what had happened, (constantly being lie-detected as he did ) and Dobie said,” Well you ain’t in no Mega City One now! You’re in Metro City and there’s no crime allowed here!”

Dredd remarked about the tower blocks and the fact that you couldn’t see the sky and they explained that over-population had meant that they had to keep building up and up, they couldn’t build out, because of the radiation from the great war. “We’ve had to build up to the  very edge of the Earth’s atmosphere”, they told Dredd, “…. Can’t build up any higher!” Artificial sunlight was provided in Metro  City by LED panels every few storeys, they explained to him. “Metro  City is the only city on this continent”, they continued, “all around us, we’re surrounded by the hostile ‘Rad-Lands’ !”

“I’ve got to get back to Mega City One!”, said Dredd, “I got urgent business there to take care of!”

“But there ain’t no such place on Earth!”, Dobie said, “….Never has been!

Listen, Judge, I ain’t got a clue what in tarnation is going on here, so better follow us in! We’ve got big brains back there who might be able to figure it out!”