So the other Judge radioed in to his Sector Chief, “Chief, we’ve got a wierd case here, it’s a tricky one and we’re not sure how to sort it out! He ain’t breakin’ any law, but he ain’t one of our citizens, so we’re bringing him in with us to see how we can sort the mess out! And, get this, he’s a JUDGE!”

So Dredd follows them in right into the heart of the teeming metropolis and into their Sector House, where the other Judge went in to see his Chief to explain the strange events and a meeting was hastily set up. Present inside the room, besides Dredd and the two judges who found him, were Sector House Chief Gold, a scientist judge, Mills, dressed in a white uniform and a Psi-Judge, – a stunning brunette beauty, called Henderson. She remained silent throughout the whole interview, as she was secretly scanning Dredd’s mind and reading all his life’s memories.

After a white, Mills explained that, “a powerful enough electro-magnetic field can actually create a tear in the very fabric of the space/time continueum, which must be what has happened, causing you to pop through from your dimension into the next one. And there are an infinite number of these

alternative versions of reality.”

“Can it be reversed?”, asked Dredd.

“In theory, I suppose”, said Mills,”if we were to set up the electro-magnetic field in the same spot where you materialised and I were to reverse the polarity, we should be able to push you back again?….”

“I’ve GOT to try!”, said Dredd.

“It’s just I’m not too happy with tearing the fabric again. It’s MUCH too dangerous!”, said Mills, “it would be far safer if I were to construct a gateway arch and create a temporary rift. That way is a much safer option all round!”

“Whatever it takes!”, said Dredd.

“Leave it with us, Dredd”, said Gold, “For now, you must stay as a guest with the Judges. You’ve already met a couple of our finest. Go with them to the halls of residence in our Grand Halls of Justice. They will sort you out with guest quarters. It’s late. They will look after you.”

“Good men, are they?”, asked Dredd.

“Dobie and Boyle?”, replied Gold, ” – they’re professionals!”

As Dredd left for the Grand Halls, following the other two, Gold said to Henderson, “Well, what did you see?”

“You wouldn’t believe it”, she replied, “their justice system is SO slack, – the whole city is absolutely TEEMING with crims! If we could follow him over there, they would be just ours for the taking! We could clean up their filthy city and start building upwards over there! We could take care of two problems in one fell swoop!”

“This gateway arch of yours, Mills, would we be able to use it more than once?”, asked Gold.

“If I just lock in the co-ordinates once he’s successfully passed through, we could pass in and out of it ourselves any times we wanted!”, answered Mills.

“How soon can you get this ready”, asked Gold.

“I’m on it!”, said Mills.