On reaching the Grand Halls, Dobie told Dredd that they would have a peaceful night, because Metro City had an enforced curfew. Nobody was allowed outdoors  between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m., except Judges. There was a skeleton crew of Judges on duty outside, during the night shift.

That night was a long one for Dredd. Unlike the Judges of Mega City One, who only need one hour’s condensed sleep per 24, the Metro City Judges seemed to need a full night’s sleep. The Grand Halls was a huge square building, made up of four separate halls, surrounding a huge courtyard, which Dredd had not yet seen. He had hastily been allocated a room in the sleeping quarters, which were at the front of the building, a modest room with a window at the front, overlooking the street below. After his usual hour, he was wide awake again and sitting on his cot, with nothing to do, but think! – Think about getting out of there and back to Mega City One! “Drokk it, I need to be doing something about it! – Something! – ANYTHING!”, he thought.

He walked over to the window, opened it and put his head outside, trying to think what to do.

To his left, he noticed a fleet of black trucks, silently departing from the back or side of the building, heading off into the night towards who knows where?……..