The following morning, Dobie came in to collect Dredd and tossed him a cereal bar, “Here Dredd, chomp on this, we’ll get a hot drink back at the Sector House.”

“Hope it ain’t ‘Umpty Candy’!”, remarked Dredd.

[N.B. Dobie looked at Dredd with a ? over his head at this remark!]

Back at the Sector House, Gold said, “Ah, Dredd, Mills has got a team of top technicians working on that arch. All being well, we should be ready for a trial run tomorrow.”

“Sure do appreciate you guys going to all this trouble on my account”, said Dredd, “Been going out of my head, here!”

“You’re a Judge”, retorted Gold, “it would be a crime not to help a fellow Judge! – And we can”t have crime in Metro City!”, he joked.

“Hmmm”, thought Dredd suspiciously, “that sounds just a little bit TOO helpful! Something don’t smell right, here!”

Gold said, “For now, Dobie and Boyle here will give you the grand tour of our proud city, show you the sights, let you see crime-fighting in action. There’s plenty to see to alleviate the wait.”

So what followed was the grand tour of Metro City, starting off with a nursery, where toddlers and tots were taught to recite lines such as ” I must not tell lies;

I must not spit;

I must not break the law; etc., etc.” over and over again.

“It’s never too early to start learning the law!”, said Boyle.

They then moved on to an infants’ school where impeccably – behaved infants were paying attention as complicated laws were being chalked on the blackboard.

“We try and teach every child to be a law-abiding cit from the very start!”, said Dobie, but still some of them turn “crim”!”

“What are the main crimes you have to deal with?”, asked Dredd, ” Murder? Theft?”

” There IS only one crime!”, Dobie said,” and that’s ‘ to break the law’! It’s illegal!”

“And that’s what separates the law-abidin’ cits from the crims!”, said Boyle.

They move on to the Academy Of Law. “Many strive to make the Law their career”, said Dobie, “but only the best of best ever make it to become Judges.”

“Same in Mega City One”, said Dredd.

Next came the synthi-food plant, where Dredd was told that because of the huge population in Metro City that there simply wasn’t enough natural food to feed the cits, so to avoid anyone going hungry, four square meals a day were manufactured here and distributed to everyone.

Dredd noticed that a huge metal door separated most of the plant from public view, with ‘AUTHORISED ADMITTANCE ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT’. “That where they actually manufacture it?”, asked Dredd.

” Yep, but we can’t go back there for hygiene reasons!”, said Boyle.

“Don’t worry, we’ve always got a Judge back there, though, to oversee and make sure that no crime goes on!”, said Dobie.

He showed Dredd,  by going over to the door, where there was a red button with ‘JUDGES ONLY’ written on the button’s gold surround. He pressed the buzzer and a hatch slid open on the door, to reveal a judge wearing a white helmet and with a hygiene face mask on, the other side of the door.

“Everything all right back there, Wagner?”, asked Dobie.

“Sure thing, Dobie”, replied Wagner and slid the hatch shut again.

On the conveyor belts, at the end of the production lines, Dredd saw a  never-ending stream of dark green cubes  [approx 3cm cubed]

rolling along and being packed into boxes, ready for distribution.

“Tastes like crud, but contains all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy, balanced diet”, adds Boyle. Dredd picks one up and is about to take a bite, when Dobie halts him and says,”We get to eat later, in the Grand Halls of Justice.”

During the course of the day, whilst they were showing Dredd the ropes, they explained to Dredd that they had targets to meet to rid the streets of as many crims as possible to make Metro City as safe a place as possible for the law-abiding cits to live in.