That evening, Dredd didn’t have much of an appetite at chow time and couldn’t sleep at all during the night and he decided to go for a walk in the night to try and clear his head and work out what to do. At one point he found himself near to the Synthi-Food plant and some shuffling noises seemed to be coming from round the back of the building, so he thought he  had better investigate. What he saw saw when he peered around the corner made his jaw drop and he said, “HOLY DROKK!!” to himself!

There were parked a fleet of black trucks and judges dressed in black with black helmets on were unloading body bags out of the trucks and carrying them into the back of the plant!!

“So THIS is the fuel that Grimm was on about!” Dredd thought,

“They”re actually killing the citizens to make food to feed back to the citizens again!”

Dredd had now had enough. He had sworn to uphold the law, but not THAT law. That law is wrong and it was up to him and his law to try and do something about it.

“It’s a about time I gave these creeps a little taste of MY law, before I leave this Hell-hole”, he thought, and started to formulate some sort of plan……

“First thing is I need to know the layout of the Grand Halls of Justice. Gonna have to create some BIG distractions!” So he made his way back towards the Grand Halls and, once there, made his way down the exterior of the right-hand side. He went past the windows of the grand dining hall, past some frosted windows of what would have been the kitchens and when he came to a huge plain wall, made a mental note that this is where the huge larders would be. He then made his way towards the back of the building, which would be the morgue, as this was where the black trucks were coming from. Again, he could hear some movements coming from behind there as well. Thinking it  would be the black trucks or their occupants, he cautiously peered around the corner. But what he saw was nothing at all to do with the Justice Dept. There were a quartet of characters, dressed in dark clothes, their faces blacked up, whispering amongst themselves and surreptitiously filming the black trucks parked there on a hand-held device.

“What are you punks doing out after curfew?”, Dredd asked, ” You got a death wish, or something?”

“A J-J-Judge!”, a tall, lanky, moustachioed one gasped, “We’ve had it!”

“Relax”,  said Dredd, “I ain’t from around these parts! I got no affinity with them sick creeps in there”, he continued, thumbing towards the Grand Halls, “and I certainly ain’t got no intentions of enforcing their sick laws, either! You punks can go where the heck you like, as far as I’m concerned!

Who the blazes are you, anyways?”

“Don’t tell him, Smithy!”, said the lanky one to the apparent ring-leader, who was sporting a black beret.

Smithy turned around and gave him a dirty look and said, “You idiot, Tex!”

“If you’re not a Judge, why are you dressed like some kind of Judge?”, asked Smithy.

“Because I am a Judge! – From another place!”, answered Dredd, “and I just want to get back to where I once belonged, without those sickos following me”, he continued, ” ‘cept those creeps have got what I need, back at Sector House 39!”

“Well, we’re the P.P.F.!”, boasted Smithy.

“That supposed to mean something?”, asked Dredd.

“The P.P.F.!”, repeated Smithy, “- the People’s Popular Front! We’re freedom fighters, – the resistance, and we know what the Judges are up to! We’ve got it all captured here on film”, he continued, pointing to his camera, “and once the people see what they’re doing there’s going to be a revolution here in Metro City!”

“You say you want a revolution”, said Dredd, “well, you know, we all want to change the world!”

“Come the glorious day, all the murdering Judges are going to be first against the wall!”, promised Smithy. “Well, don’t expect me to weep none for any of ’em!”, retorted Dredd.

“You could join us!”, blurted Smithy, “You could help us bring about change! I’m Smudger Smith, that’s Tex”, he said,